First Wednesday: exhibition / social experiment / convergence

Does everyone else love the Dulux paint swatches and steal them often from DIY stores? I think my own paint swatch fixation began in childhood, spending hours examining all the little segments of colour whilst disgruntled parents heaved around bits of wood and decided which bathroom to go for.

The evening was off to a good start then, when I found Debut Contemporary has re-appropriated the colour swatch – As we entered the gallery we were handed one strip of colour, & it was revealed we were to be part of a social experiment… Our task was to swatch-swap with everyone we conversed with, so by the end of the night it would be possible to see how far out of our circles the conversations had reached. A great way to encourage conversation – I met many interesting people and new faces at this First Wednesday event.

I had two pieces on show (below) amongst the fantastic collection of artists. My involvement in Debut Contemporary has been exciting & intense since I began showing there – I have been lucky enough to meet some top names in the art industry, including Darren Coffield, Julian Stallabrass (The Courtauld Institute of Art) & Sara Raza, (Critic & Curator, formerly of Tate Modern).

Specimen, drawing, Nicola Anthony

I also met successful architect Andrew Clinch, founder of The JENNIE & JESSIE GUNHAMMAR LUPUS TRUST CHARITY, which enhances and raises awareness of Lupus illness as well as acting as a base platform for the Charity through Art. More about the charity and the upcoming Charity Art Auction in my next post.

Pandemonia the London based Post Pop artist joins us at the PV!
Me and the post box sculpture - made entirely of laser cut paer words and sentences

what do you think....?

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