May 4th PV: Charity Auction For Jennie & Jessie Gunhammar Lupus Trust

On May 4th I will be contributing to a Charity Auction for Jennie & Jessie Gunhammar Lupus Trust:  50:50:50 (50 artists; 50 works; £50,000 raised). In a very special, one-off Charity Auction event for the 4th May Preview at the DEBUT Contemporary gallery to raise funds for Lupus Research via The St Thomas’ Lupus Trust. The auctioneer on the day will be high profile Christies autioneer Hugh Edmeades.

Lupus, the chronic debilitating disorder of the immune system causes inflammation of virtually any system or organ of the body and can be life threatening. To date there is no known cure, and the disease tragically cut short the lives of two most talented women, Jennie & Jessie Gunhammar, amongst many, and will continue to do so without the necessary funds made available.

The Debut Artists endorse THE JENNIE & JESSIE GUNHAMMAR LUPUS TRUST & will donate an artwork each. I have chosen to donate a piece which I felt was fitting to the touching story of Jennie & Jessie, ‘Above & below’.  When I made the piece I was thinking about journeying and change, how we all try to change our lives and bodies and how sometimes things are just not how we would want them but we struggle on; about the physical world reaching out to/restraining/freeing our more intangible floating selves and dreams somewhere above or outside of the world… Click on the image for a video of it in action.

Guests are invited to take part in the Charity Auction of ten artworks selected personally by the auctioneer. Entry is free, and a raffle ticket costs £100 for artworks to be presented on the night to lucky ticket holders. All funds raised on the evening will help facilitate the first walk in clinic at the St Thomas’s Hospital, raise Lupus awareness and aid the discovery of a cure. We encourage you to purchase your tickets now to support the cause and joining us for this extra special event.

Check out the Auction Catalogue here.


Entry is FREE

50 Pieces of Art Donated By The Debut Contemporary Artists


1. Telephone Debut Contemporary Gallery or come into the Gallery.

2. Your Name will be allocated and Catalogued a unique Number once a payment is received and confirmed.

3. An E – Ticket with the unique number will be emailed to you.

4. Numerous Tickets can be bought.

5. Only One Piece of Art can be Won Per One Registered Name.

6. Purchase a £100 E Ticket to Bid on one of the 10 Pieces of Art. A Bidder Can’t Bid and Own more than One Piece of Auctioned Art.

7. Tickets can be purchased on the Night

From Debut Contemporary: A bit more about Jennie & Jessie

Prior to achieving academic success Jennie and Jessie Gunhammar were successful fashion
models for three years, which funded their studies. Having achieved numerous academic
qualifications, Jennie found her true vocation and passion for life, which was Photography,
where she immersed herself in the Arts and Photography with vigorous determination and full
commitment. In April 2009 she had her first book published “Somewhere I have never
travelled gladly beyond”. The book is dedicated to her sister and “The St Thomas’ Lupus
Trust”. The book covers many aspects of life, especially the lack of awareness of Lupus, the
prejudice of disease and most importantly the power of love and the human spirit. Jennie
became an acclaimed Artist and Photographer overnight, her work being praised and viewed by the
Director of the Tate Modern Vicente Todoli and was exhibited at the Photographers Gallery, London.
She achieved a BSc (hons) 2:1 in Sociology and Social Policy at South Bank University in 2002, a
Postgraduate Diploma in Visual Culture at The University of Westminster, an Msc in Gender Studies at
The London School of Economics in 2004. Finally a Masters of Arts with Distinction (Photojournalism
and Documentary Photography) at The London College of Communication in 2007. To this day
Jennie’s partner Andrew Clinch will ensure that her work will be hung in a major international
gallery in honour of her truly poignant story.

The two sisters are always in our hearts.

Click here to visit the Facebook page for the event.



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