Miniature art collection – Auctioning or giving personal creations for a good cause

“These are personal jewelery-mini-artwork creations which the artist makes to wear to exhibitions where her work is shown. They are artworks in themselves and often reflect the nature of the piece/s she was exhibiting, and the exhibition itself: A great way to collect part of the artists body of work, in miniature.
Gallery_critic online

The brooch pictured below is a mini artwork I made and wore to the private view and first London showing of ‘Tales of an old postbox’ sculpture, (the one in the image above.)

I usually auction or donate these pieces through playful competitions, I think it’s a great way to let people in on the art I make and to raise awareness for various causes. The brooch is part of a special Easter competion on Twitter (@nicola_anthony). The next creation will be in aid of JENNIE & JESSIE GUNHAMMAR LUPUS TRUST (which I am also participating in a Charity Art Auction at Debut Contemporary Gallery to support) More info on GUNHAMMAR LUPUS TRUST and the charity art auction here

Do get in touch if you have a cause to support or an interest in these mini pieces:


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