MINIATURE ART COLLECTION – Art pieces worn to events. Get your hands on them…

“These are personal jewelery-mini-artwork creations which the artist makes to wear to exhibitions where her work is shown. They are artworks in themselves and often reflect the nature of the piece/s she was exhibiting, and the exhibition itself: A great way to collect part of the artists body of work, in miniature.”
Gallery_critic online

The head piece pictured below is a mini artwork I made and wore to the Christies auction at Debut Gallery in aid of JENNIE & JESSIE GUNHAMMAR LUPUS TRUST (More info on GUNHAMMAR LUPUS TRUST and the charity art auction here)

I usually auction or donate these pieces through playful competitions, I think it’s a great way to let people in on the art I make and to raise awareness for various causes. Watch this space for more info on the auction of this piece or email me to be kept up to date.

Do also get in touch if you have a cause to support or an interest in these mini pieces:

See previous pieces here


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