Write Back Project – the letters start coming in

This week I have received some amazing letters… long ones, short ones, reflective ones, introspective ones, silly ones, forward looking letters and past recounting notes.

The write back project asks you to write your future self a letter, so that I can make a sculpture using the letters, and post them back to you in 3 years time. An art time capsule, if you will. (find out how to take part here)

Now of course I am not disclosing names or addresses, and anyone who writes private on their envelope gets exactly that, but some of you have allowed me to use random snippets of your words in the surface of the artwork, which will be rich with text, handwriting, scribbles and scrawls.

With some fantastic letters and some exciting names getting involved, I will soon begin weaving the content together to create a sculptural piece. I still want more letters though – the more you send, the bigger & better the sculpture can be – so keep sending them in! (Details how here).

Lots of you have asked me what i’m doing with your words, so I will be letting you in to the creative process over the next few weeks. In the meanwhile, here are some excerpts…

“and so begins the story of me”

“I am writing with regard to your letter three years ago, sorry it has taken so long to reply, as I am sure you are aware I am always  busy.”

“How has life changed you these last three years?”

“I am sure you have had success in selling your beloved mini cooper, but understand how hard this must have been for you.  If you still have this baby hats off to you, sir, for prolonging it this long!”

“I hope that the passion for expressing, creating and touching others is the same but I also hope you have learnt to balance that with family life. I hope you feel more of the joys and less of the burdens that that brings.”

“a sneaking feeling that maybe you should have done all those important “life” things like learning to drive, getting a career, having babies, and climbing the property ladder, some time ago.”

“At the time you were writing this letter, you were at a very unsure and not entirely happy point in your life.”

“The auctions have probably made the last three years fly by, that monthly deadline still a killer?  Actually I know the answer to that!”

“your kittens will be adult cats, and will finally be allowed outside and will stop trashing your house!”

“hello Me, it’s You”

“I hope that health blesses your family. I hope your faith has been restored and not dwindled further. If not – please don’t give up hope!”

“…your marriage to your amazing husband who has put up with so much.”

“You have found the process of writing this letter very therapeutic, it has made you stop and reflect on where your life has gone for the last couple of years.”

” when your Dad died suddenly eighteen months later you realised that losing your job really didn’t matter.”

“today you put pen to paper and spent a long time thinking before you wrote this letter. I hope when you open it you will find you have moved on and life has taken a good path.”

“To set the scene of today (the past) today was the day Osama Bin Ladden was gone forever”

“I know what you’re thinking”

“I guess that concludes this postcard from the past to the future… take care, oh… and throw a steady hamster.”


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