Give me your words! An interactive WORD COLLECTION PROJECT

Yes that’s right,



I’ll be doing a live artwork involving the collection of your words on 3rd August.  Do come along!

More info on the word collection here:

The Gallery who are kindly hosting this have detailed it here: WORD COLLECTION PROJECT.

“Recently featured in a SKYArts interview with the artist, The Word Collection Project is a live text artwork, through which Nicola Anthony sources all the secrets and statements used in her work: “The project has been ongoing for 5 years now and remains surprising, intriguing and compelling. The sentences people send me are often very human and honest, the collection can be beautiful, disturbing and reassuring at the same time.”

“I use the sentences to structure the work, I start applying them as marks and drawing with them as lines. One of my favourite things about seeing people view my work is when they come up really close to read the words, and start stretching and crouching and shuffling along in front of the work as they follow the sentences – the only type of line you can draw which insists people look at every component of it from left to right.”

Get Involved
Many thanks for all the amazing contributions, Please add your thoughts to the collection via:

The event on 3rd August at Debut Contemporary, west London

» See where else the word collection has featured 

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