My writing for Trebuchet Magazine: Embarking on a journey of words

Lot’s of amazing conversations have been sparked off through this blog and from it I’ve met many interesting individuals. As an artist seeking to discover things which make my mind crackle with creative thought,  it seems that my point of view has caught some attention and I’ve been invited to propel it a bit further by writing for Trebuchet Magazine. See my first article by clicking here:

‘Dear Curator’: Exhibition Do’s and Don’ts with Sara Raza

I see the world as a series of interconnected subject matters, fragile moments & things from which ‘stuff’ can be made… and that’s what ends up landing on these pages. Meanwhile my fascination with language as always continues through my artwork: Text, stories & voices are used as sculptural materials, whilst forms & lines are created with sentences.

Of course my point of view on the world can be bizarre at times, but with any luck I can help uncover new things & a new way of looking.

Trebuchet magazine can be found online at, and in their own words… “Trebuchet is an intelligent magazine that couples critical insight with excitement and vigour…we view quality writing as more than academic summation of facts or a recitation of buzz words aimed at tickling the media heightened senses of passive readers…  A trebuchet is a tool of contact, recognition and active engagement, used equally to attack and defend; the magazine should be the same.”

I’m delighted to be taking my words on a journey with Trebuchet.


what do you think....?

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