Cultivate, Vyner St London: Opening night, Thurs 15th Sept, 6pm – 9pm, then 11.30am – 6pm Fri 16th- Sun 18th Sept. See Facebook event

Visit the exciting new Vyner Street space this weekend, a ‘social art experiment’ where you get to choose the price of the art you want to buy. In the words of the project director, Sean Worrall:

“What Price Art? is about exactly that – gallery prices, the way things work, the vulnerability of the working artist in terms of survival, in terms of paying the bills, in terms of the way things work with galleries. The show is about the pricing of art, about art in galleries, about leaving art on the street, about street art, about the art dealers, the collectors, the price tag and people’s reactions to that tag, about how people interact with commercial art galleries. Who buys art? What is the point of a commercially run gallery?

The gallery will be full of art for three days, people can just come and enjoy it, view it, explore it, or if they want to, they can buy it. The buyer sets the price, the gallery and the artist have no say in the pricing process.

What’s going to happen? Will artists be brave enough to put their art on the walls and plinths? If they do will it just be their throwaway pieces that they attach little value to? Or will it be the big expansive pieces they’d show at other galleries in a ‘conventional’ way with a ‘conventional’ price tag?

And what of the viewers, the visitors, the people who come to galleries? Will they be comfortable with setting the price? Will they take away a big piece and pay just a penny? Will they offer ‘normal’ gallery prices? Will they just reject the whole idea, or will they just not want the art on sale anyway? What’s going to happen? ” – Sean Worrall

I have responded directly to the exhibition theme with a playful pieces, ‘Ha’Dollar’ parts one and two:

I’ve used half a dollar per piece. But it’s now an artwork. What is it worth to the viewer? Will they want both pieces so as to have both halves? If the pieces get purchased separately will the owners ever know of each other or wonder where the other half exists? It’s a ‘re-mixed’ and fragmented dollar so is it now rendered worthless anyhow? And would it be different if it was UK currency?

Check our our ‘social art experiment’ and buy art for the price you choose.  Hope to see you there! > https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid

> Cultivate, The corner of Vyner Street and Mowlem Street, London, E2 9HE






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