Would you like me to tell your story through an artwork?

Secrets..stories…rustlings…little birds…tales…reminiscences…memories…anecdotes…folktale…fables…fantasy…spiel…scoop…saga…moments…rumors……chinwags…chatter…narratives…

Pop-up exhibition, 29th October, Rivington Place Gallery

I’m working with The Fabelists to create an artwork / book which tells the untold stories of others. This will be created live during a pop-up exhibition in Rivington Place, whilst performing in their Gallery Cafe on 29th October.

Each artist involved will be recreating a story they have overheard, in the form of a loosely interpreted ‘page’. The whole thing will become part of a hand bound artwork – own interpretation of a book. We have artists, poets, writers and performers involved…Who knows what it will turn out to be?

Before then we are gathering, overhearing and requesting stories. Get in touch if you think you have a tale to be told, epic or fleeting.

And do come along on the 29th, 12-6pm!

If you would like me to tell your tale, send it to: words@nicolaanthony.co.uk

'Mneme', Nicola Anthony


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