Dusted Fondant, Raspberry Bellini, Proud Peacock…

Dusted Fondant, Raspberry Bellini, Proud Peacock…

Is it wrong that paint swatch aisles get me all excited? The names range from poetic to ridiculous, from sexy to hilarious. If I wasn’t an artist I think that would be my ideal job. Chief Paint-colour Titler.

I’m in the middle of trying to put my thoughts down about an important talk I went to about the economy and artists this week, but it’s a Sunday afternoon and my mind keeps wandering. In fact it wandered all the way to homebase… and my secret addiction reared it’s head:

…Dusted Fondant, Raspberry Bellini, Jasmine Shimmer, treacle tart, summer pecan, labrador sands, dutch gold, Proud Peacock, Apple White, Blue Reflection, Lost Lake, Illusion, Mineral Mist, Sun Dust, Almond White, Malt Chocolate, Dusted Damson, Mellow Mocha, Pale Citrus, Lunar Falls, Sunflower symphony, Volcanic Splash, sweet sundae, coral canyon (really wanted this to be choral crayon), Ginger glow, flame frenzy, hot paprika, russian velvet, soft cinnebar, soft montelimar, mercury shower, nomadic glow, sultana spice, soft almond, scicilian summer, purple polka, marble swirl, fragrant cloud, mystic mauve, java cream, orchid opera, crushed cotton, himalayan musk, bitter chocolate, maraschino mocha, minted glory…


Nicola Anthony is an artist and art writer living & working in London. She seeks to discover things which make her mind crackle with creative thought. Catch @Nicola_Anthony on twitter, or her artist’s website


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