Here’s something I made earlier…

I’ve not made many posts about what goes on inside my studio yet, but I did promise I would. And something this week has inspired me to share with you the loveliness of gathering your words and making them into sculptures about you…

For some reason my own creative process seems to be not very conducive to getting blogged… I’m either whizzing along so fast that I don’t get time to take note or write it down it, or up against hurdles which for me are always other things that get in the way of creating or being in the studio – and a distinct lack of time. (Also not very conducive to blogging).

So here’s what I’ve been working on in video form. I’ve been using some traditional book printing methods to print out some of my word collection… And then I’ve been printing them over and over in different colours to see what happens to the surface (and the eyes…)
And here’s some of the new ‘one sentence stories’ I’ve collected in a number of performances and drop-boxes that I’ve left in the galleries my work has shown in recently…

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  1. Hi Nicola

    Nice blog, this is what I like about art, it can take so many different form’s, shapes and reach new boundaries of creativity! Keep up the good work – Ben!

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