My art guzzling week

This week has been so packed with exhibitions that I will shortly be going home for a power nap before heading out to guzzle down some more art on Vyner Street where two of my favourite artists, Tinsel and Twinkle have put together an exciting new show.

The week kicked off to a very good start when I received a piece of artwork through the post – I had participated in an interactive event run by Tinsel and Twinkle whereby they ask exhibition visitors to recycle their old unwanted things into artworks, created by the duo, bearing the words and wishes you choose to be transcribed upon them. All in the name of Charity. Here’s the piece I received:


Something borrowed…

It was originally a bracelet which was a present to me, all the way from India. Having got slightly broken, I don’t wear it any more, but I may do tonight as it’s rather pertinent and timely: The artist’s new show, ‘Something Borrowed’ opens tonight at Cultivate, Vyner Street… All artists borrow from the worlds they exist in. Some borrow directly and some discreetly; it can be someone’s image, a memory, a newspaper article, a song or other art itself.

The artistic duo and co-curators say: “Something Borrowed presents both painting and photographic works displaying a wide cross section of styles, from gestural mark making to fine detailed brush work; each artist’s individual approach and technique introduces us to new and unique interpretations of the world around us.”

For more info check out the exhibition listing on Run-Riot. Featuring work from Iain Andrews, Liz Bailey, Wanda Bernardino, Tinsel Edwards, Nadine Mahoney, J.A Nicholls, Holly Revell, David Storey, Twinkle Troughton and Wen Wu.

Something new…

So what did I get up to last night that’s made me so tired at only half way through the week? I was over in West London at Debut Contemporary’s private view where a new piece of my work was unveiled – a glass piece using found images and words, collaged together on many layers and fused between glass::

Fellow artist Jenny Leonard, Joobin from the Art Clvb, and Myself 
Fellow artist Jenny Leonard, Joobin from the Art Clvb, and Myself

Something bubbly…

Wine flowed and bubblegum was chewed – Artist Hideyuki Shoji introduced his interactive ‘Bubblegum Jacket Performance’ where guests were encouraged to take a stick of bubblegum (which Hideyuki had branded himself!) then when finished chewing stick it onto the inside of his suit jacket….

“For my bubble gum jacket performance, my new challenge is to expose an invisible relationship between people within everyday life, and through audience participation, I would like to bring people’s lives closer to art. Placing chewed gum inside of a jacket is an absurd alteration of an ordinary action and this extraordinariness is a special experience that art can offer.” – Hideyuki Shoji (Image of his self-branded box of chewing gums above)

Glamour paintings and quirky sculpture…

Down the road on Westbourne Grove, Narciss (above) was also buzzing with fashionistas and creatives, where Artists Eleanor Barreau and Henry Wood were showing new work in the context of the boutique fashion aesthetic at Narciss.

“The window in particular looked pretty amazing replacing mannequins heads with painted portraits of women in fashion advertising by Eleanor and Henry’s caged wooden men hung as if looking longingly at the unattainable painted women above.” Said Sufi from Debut Contemporary.

As I sipped on my complemetary (and yummy) Bloody Mary, I was lucky enough to have a really interesting conversation with Henry Wood, who’s quirky sculptures all seem to have their own little personality, and are made of found pieces of wood that he gathers from London’s beaches among other places. Check out both artists’ work in the images below (as well as the amazing clothers which are currently 30% off with an exhibition flyer).



And finally…The artists in their natural habitat

And last but not least – tomorrow night’s activities: I’m off to something a bit different, an Open Studio event whereby artists are displaying their work in the context of the studio where it is conceived and created. A great place to get to talk to the artists themselves and start to understand a bit more how they make their work. I’m especially looking out for the work of some talented fellow artists – Silvia Krupinska, Abigail Box and Flavian Alaigre, and of course discovereing many new artists.  Here’s the event info

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off for a power nap before nipping out to enjoy First Thursdays and all the new shows that are opening this evening!


what do you think....?

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