Join us at a Salon Dinner Party with the Artists

Come and meet some of London’s top emerging artists at a salon dinner party, we will be providing food and drink and a jolly time.

There will also be performances and we’ll ask you to bring along an object which will get turned into an artwork. We’d love to meet you and introduce you into the world of an artist.

Our first Salon Dinner Party is part of our fund raising initiative to beat the arts cuts and fund the career progression of 30 top emerging artists in London, who have been selected to showcase London Art in the USA. The Salon dinner party ticket is £150 per person, and all profits go towards our cause. A Table of 5 can be purchased for £600 if you get in touch. Purchase yours on our fundraising page, or contact me by email

Date: January 2012

This includes, food, drinks and performance. (Max 20 people)

What are we raising money for? 

Honoured by the prestige of being selected, the artists have taken it upon themselves to promote and raise the profile of the London Art scene overseas. And in the light of drastic cuts to art funding, we are fundraising in order to fly some of us over there.

We aim to get some of the artists out there to be true ambassadors of the London art scene – A great opportunity for these 30 artists, but also for the profile of the London emerging Art scene in the US.

Find out what else we’re doing to fund raise here. There are lots of opportunities to get some stunning artworks in return for donations, so it’s worth checking out the fundraising page and Etsy shop too.


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