A Graphically Illustrative Concept…

Harlesden Gallery Artist Group Exhibition @ The Tricycle – Kilburn
January 9th – February 4th 2012 | Private View – 12th January 2012 – 6.30 – 9pm
Harlesden Gallery presents: A Graphically Illustrative Concept…
The Harlesden Gallery artists are back at the Tricycle with an exhibition of digital, illustrative and graphic art. This exciting exhibition will feature works ranging from the conceptual and iconic to the ironic and bizarre. The show combines the dreamlike illustrations of Alex Stewart, Cos Ahmet and Stuart Alexander with the iconic imagery of Ben Oakley and the digital composites of urban artist ‘PIKY’. Meanwhile the humorous subtlety of Gabriel Parfitt and Will Parker’s pieces are a non-confrontational poke at the ordinary and everyday.
Harlesden gallery was borne out of a project called the Harlesden Town Charter, compiled by local residents as a means to deliver regeneration of the area with funding from various sources. The charter identifies the absence of cultural space. So, as there is no actual gallery, we’ve created a virtual one instead, resulting in the recruitment of a group of talented artists that wish to promote Harlesden and the NW10 area.
Harlesden Gallery represents a talented mix of artists, both from NW10 and elsewhere, creating a fascinating network of talented individuals, and providing a comprehensive artist resource, using the combined knowledge, links and contacts of those featured to promote the group under the ‘Harlesden Gallery’ banner.

Our aim is to exhibit all over the London area and beyond, creating a commercially successful art group while also being a great benefit for the Harlesden locality and community. Harlesden Gallery serves the purpose of creating an interest and awareness of the area, and our aim is to secure the funding for a cultural space that Harlesden so desperately needs and deserves.
Gabriel Parfitt: Gallery creator and coordinator
Featured Harlesden Gallery Artists:

Cos Ahmet: http://www.cos-ahmet.co.uk | Stuart Alexander: http://www.stuartalexander.net |
Alex Stewart: web.mac.com/alexanderjs | Will Parker: http://www.worldofparker.com | Piky: http://www.piky.co.uk | Ben Oakley: http://www.benoakley.com | Gabriel Parfitt (Curator): http://www.gabrielparfitt.co.uk

Contacts and Links:
Website: http://www.harlesdengallery.co.uk
Curator: Gabriel Parfitt | gabrielparfitt@hotmail.com | 077 8686 5356
Images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/harlesdengallery/
Venue: The Tricycle Theatre | 269 Kilburn High Road | London NW6 7JR | 020


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