Silvia Krupinska discusses the artwork of Nicola Anthony: Colourful Radio

“Laborious and often obsessive with the way she constructs her work…a very treasure-box-like experience”

Click below to listen to Silvia Krupinska discuss Nicola Anthony’s artistic practice on Colourful Radio

Click to play - silvia Krupinska interviews Artist Nicola Anthony

“she layers and builds up, and uses the audience to interact with the artwork….”

Silvia is a wonderful personality with a quirky perspective & her own fascinating artistic practice. You can find out more about Silvia Krupinska plus see her article about my studio on her Art Review blog or her wordpress.

An extract of what Silvia has to say:

“As I entered Anthony’s studio in cultured and busy Southwark, I could smell traces of resin in the air. It was a good sign of a busy and experimental studio, which I fully expected. I’ve known Anthony for a few months, nevertheless I never talked to her about her work in much detail, nor visited her creative hub before.

The walls are covered with textural drawings, lines, words, texts and cut-outs from magazines and papers. Under her window on the right is a desk, where she writes her art reviews and other works. The wall on the opposite side is very well lit. It’s a photography corner with two amazing glass and resin glass sculptures. There are works in progress on the floor and leaning on the walls, but the whole space is very organized and planned. The remaining wall, as I came in on my right, is full of date drawings, other textures and generally paper works dominate.”


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