Podcast: Edward Daniels interviews Nicola Anthony

I was delighted to be interviewed by the charismatic Edward Daniels from Busibuddies.com for this week’s podcast. Each week they seek a personal reflection about an individual’s professional ventures in the City of London, aiming to give an insight into different & unusual careers. You can read about Edward’s chat with me below or on their blog, and listen to the podcast on their site here.

podcast Edward Daniels inteviews Nicola Anthony on Busibuddies

Here’s what Busibuddies wrote…


“Nicola Anthony has received exhibition sponsorship from Tate Britain, shown her art at Tate Modern, and had artwork recently auctioned by Christies auctioneers. Her opinion and art is valued by both the galleries who show her work and those she guest blogs for, as well as and art magazines who publish her writing. She has also been recommended by SKY Arts who interviewed the artist in her studio.”

Points Covered:

  • Fascination with narratives and secrets;
  • Challenge preconceptions;
  • Ambassador of the London Debut Gallery;
  • using a Date stamp to make drawings

Nicola Anthony is a London based artist seeking to create things which make the mind crackle. She sees the world as a series of interconnected subject matters, fragile moments and “stuff” from which new things can be made. Nicola is also an art writer, critic and lecturer.

She uses glass, paper, and found objects in her drawings and sculptures. Meanwhile, text, stories and voices are used as both materials and subjects. With a fascination in narratives and secrets, her work is inspired by language, memory, mapping, collecting, biological references and literary sources.

Her artwork can be found internationally at exhibitions, art fairs and literary festivals. She is currently represented in London’s West End by Debut Contemporary, with artwork shown internationally, most recently in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Nicola Anthony has received exhibition sponsorship from Tate Britain, shown work in ‘no Soul for Sale’ at Tate Modern, and had artwork recently auctioned by Christies auctioneers. She guest blogs for galleries and art magazines – her artwork and perspective can also be found in her writing for Trebuchet Magazine, Zeitgeist, and in a recent interview with SKY Arts who came to her London studio to check out her artwork.”

Nicola says: 

  • “The Debut Gallery is a really fascinating new concept and it’s essentially a gallery that mentors artists. What I’m doing is talking to new artists about the gallery, scouting new and emerging artists, who started throughout London and the UK;”
  • “There’s is a lot of barriers, when people go to museums and galleries, they don’t really feel that they can talk about the artwork, or read the artist, or ask questions;”
  • “Auctioning artwork is a tricky business for an artist, because once it’s in the hands of the auction, you have no say, really, over the price it goes for. You have to be very careful how you are entering that arena;”
  • “It’s difficult to say what the future holds. There’s lots of exciting things going on. I have now become part of ‘edible art’ movement, which is a very exciting new movement of artists, using organic edible materials and they are doing a quite bespoke event.”

When you have some time please have a listen at http://www.busibuddies.com


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