The Great Escape, 5th – 29th April, DegreeArt Gallery

The charismatic and decidedly quirky artist Abigail Box is an talented painter who’s canvases excite through establishing a jaunty interplay between familiar subject matters and abnormal contexts. Having already exhibited in London, LA, and Hong Kong this year, she now turns her eye to east London to explore the ‘forgotten and abandoned’ objects left on the streets, bringing charm and comic absurdity to her canvases.  Her solo exhibition opens this week at DegreeArt Gallery.

Box describes her artwork as collaged paintings, through which she fabricates curious worlds which almost always feature domesticated wild cats. Roar! Pop along to the private view this Thursday (5th April, 6pm – 9pm) where you are invited to meet the artist herself, or alternatively view the exhibition at your leisure from the 6th – 29th April on London’s creative Vyner Street.

The new artworks explore the local surrounding of east London the found objects residents leave behind. The furniture is unwanted and abandoned; it is through this ‘fly tipping’ combined with the domestication of wild dangerous creatures, that Box is able to create strange scenarios commenting on our view of the world.

the great escape, Abigail box 

the great escape, Abigail box

Box has always been fascinated with comedic absurdity. Her paintings approach the difficulties associated with confronting and comprehending our reality in a light and charming manner. The tigers look in harmony with their surroundings and the viewer almost accepts the image as reality. The irregularity of the scene is emphasised by slight distortions in the perspective, which further deconstructs our perceptions of what is normal.

Visit The Great Escape for a large dose of colourful tigers, lions and bold furniture prints, and treat yourself to some visual entertainment to enjoy and ultimately escape in.

Thu, 05/04/2012 – 10:00 – Sun, 29/04/2012 – 18:00
Private view:  Thu, 05/04/2012 – 18:00 – 21:00
DegreeArt Gallery, 12a Vyner Street, London, E2 9DG

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