Experimenting with the heart

Today in the studio: A new sketch, ‘Confidential Heart’

I’m experimenting with making some drawings of the internal – the heart to be specific – using a new text stamp I’ve got:  ‘Private & Confidential’.

I’m not sure I’ve got it quite right yet as it’s rather abstract & may need to be large scale as opposed to actual scale for the form to be more obvious…. thoughts welcome!
Confidential heart, Nicola Anthony, 2012

Confidential heart, Nicola Anthony, 2012

About Nicola Anthony

London and Singapore based artist, art writer, sculptor, lecturer. I create sculpture & drawing, write for art journals and magazines, create events & connect people. http://www.NicolaAnthony.co.uk I also co-ordinate the Edible Art Movement. http://www.edibleartmovement.com


  1. Very clever, I love how you’ve lined up the arteries and veins with where they should be.

    • Thanks Tabish – I’m glad you could see the heart in the image, I spent so much time with my face pressed up close to the paper that I wasn’t sure if it was really there or just in my mind!
      Might make a 3d version soon…

  2. Anonymous

    Brilliant work again Nicola. How you manage to make art from such abstract ideas and materials constantly blows me away. And the relationship between the heart being such a very personal thing and the stamp being “Private and Confidential”, very cunning!

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