New Artwork: Rubik’s Cube

Rubik's Cube, Sculpture, Nicola AnthonyA strong thread within my practice is my desire to illuminate the little things that comprise the whole: Piecing together small details and snippets to create a finished artwork, playfully highlighting the fragile constructs, moments & complexities that go unnoticed unless we look from a different angle. It is this concern that often instills a multilayered intricacy to my practice.
My current body of work takes this one step further to fragment & reappropriate social constructs, narratives & archetypes, exploring what happens when we reinterpret them – from money, novels & calendars to post boxes, tea cups & traditional games.
‘Rubik’s Cube’ is a sculpture which I feel encapsulates this signature style. It is a playful re-interpretation of the Rubik’s puzzle, now impossible to complete or resolve. It presents the whole as comprised by the parts, and in a new slightly chaotic and more organic ‘order’.
This piece is the fifth in the Rubik’s Series of sculptures. The series began with the premise of rebuilding a 2D ‘calendar structure’ using transparent glass & glass resin cubes, and giving this an organic, exaggerated Rubik’s cube structure – in a shimmering exploration of time, chaos & order.
The use of text, dates and words within my artworks is also a common theme in my practice, and as with all the pieces in the series, Rubik’s Cube contains some tiny calendar dates embedded within the glass, connecting it to the original ideas around time and order.
Rubik's Cube, Sculpture, Nicola Anthony


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