Exploring South East Asian Art: Affordable Art Fair Singapore

This Video & article were published in Trebuchet Magazine, 2012. Copyright Nicola Anthony

Contemporary art in South East Asia has been rising to increasing prominence on the international stage in recent years. It seemed to be worth exploring this new scene, and so far, I’m hooked. I’ve been slowly unraveling the mazes of subtle complexities in the art world here, and one of the first events to land on Singaporean soil as I did was the Affordable Art Fair.

AAF is not always an undiluted source of truly dedicated contemporary artists, being a place where a plethora of more commercial artworks and decorative pieces shout loudly at the guests above the subtle purring of some of the more thoughtful pieces that should stand the test of time.

But, it was my best shot at getting a taste of artwork good and bad from all around South East Asia in one condensed hit. Pleasingly, many pieces were worth reporting back on. The video above is my curated journey around the fair, picking out some of the galleries and artists who I felt were exhibiting work which represents the exciting contemporary art scene that is growing in South East Asia.

Featured: Ang Sookoon, Justin Lee, Bea Camacho, Mark Hayward, Hoang Duong Cam, Santi Lawrachawee, Michael Lee, Jeremy Sharma, Yeoh Wee Hwee, Ketna Patel, Jasper Yu, Lavender Chang, Vellachi Ganesan. ION Art, Give Art Space.

Santi Lawrachawee, Affordable Art Fair Singapore



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