A new artwork: Debutante

I made this artwork as a response to the female image, and the nude in contemporary society, whilst considering the ways in which our perceptions of the world and ourselves have changed in contemporary society. The drawing is composed entirely of words and phrases that come from the new ‘language’ existing because of social media – ‘like’, ‘unlike’, ‘unfriend’, ‘pin it’, ‘share’, tweet’…

You can have a closer look at the artwork as it is created in my studio below, and see a video of it being made very soon (watch this space!)

Text drawing, Nicola Anthony

A new study has said:

“People are now more willing to place personal information into public domains…and attitudes towards privacy are changing, especially among younger people. These changes are blurring the boundaries between social and work identities. The advent of widespread mobile technology and email enables more people to remain connected to their work out of hours. At the same time, posting mobile phone photographs and videos online has led to a cultural shift where many people broadcast their daily lives and experiences, ceding control over some aspects of identity to others with potentially serious consequences for later life.”

Foresight Future Identities (2013)
Executive Summary.
The Government Office for Science, London.

Let me know your thoughts below!



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