A new non-western colour: Qing

qing colour bricks
qing colour bricks, chinese non-western colour blue-green

青 (qīng) — its pronounced “ching”, not “kwing” or “king” — is an interesting color that doesn’t appear in the standard set of colors commonly identified in western cultures.

Some people (Chinese included) say it’s a sort of blue, while others say it’s part of the green family. There is actually no right-or-wrong with these ideas. Technically qing is a color that sits anywhere in between blue and green. You can call it green, blue, green-ish blue or blue-ish green, and not be thought of as being odd.

Adding a little more interest to this unique Chinese-only color, qing may include some grey. So qing can also be described as greenish-grey blue, or bluish-green grey, or any other combination of these shades.

Qing is closely linked to historical buildings and clothing, like qing bricks, and qing pattern porcelain.  Also, there is a type of female character in Peking Opera called a 青衣 (qīng yī, “qing colored costume”) because they usually wear costumes of this interesting color.

Source: http://www.illuminantpartners.com/2011/01/17/color/



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  1. I had no idea there were different colors in different countries! But this has always been one of my favorites. I refer to it in my head as “smoky ocean” although that doesn’t quite describe it. I just find that color so calming, but not too sweet/ pretty. Now I know it’s real name, tha is!

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