How to ‘overhear’ the thoughts of others in a gallery space? Nicola Anthony reviewed by Artitute Magazine

It was wonderful to be reviewed by journalist Karen Mitchell from Artitute Magazine, at my recent exhibition as part of MinimART at Substation. I have noted some interesting interpretations she makes below, and you can read the full article here.


Noting that “Nicola Anthony is new to the Singapore art scene, but she has quickly sank into the art market here, bringing inspiring colours and movements to share. Her recent display was featured at minimART 4.0 at the Substation, where she filled one corner with her Word Collection”, Karen also makes an exciting interpretation of the sculpture and linked performance. I am pleased that there was a strong connection and distance between the two, as intended, and even more pleased that it has made an almost sensory impact on the audience, symbolising not just the words but also sound or voices moving around the space:

“In the corner of the gallery, the textural sculpture hangs quietly. Standing closer, you could ‘hear’ the thoughts and whispers of others… It may first appear as a stationary installation of words, but you can ‘listen’ to these words as you walk through the gallery. A moving sculpture wearing these words is walking around (artists and performer Yen Phang), interacting with the audience. Very cleverly executed, I was amused by not just able to read the collection of words, but to ‘hear’ them, and ‘see’ them moving.”  

Artitute features Nicola Anthony's word collection project - text art Singapore 5


…. Read the full article in  Artitute, by Karen Mitchell here


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