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Last week through a performance and a sculpture at The Substation, I asked visitors to write a sentence about the inside of their mind. Here are a few of the anonymous contributions, secrets and words from over 100 participants. (You can still add yours here)

The word collection:

I’m being pulled apart by everyone. I feel calm. I feel illusionary. I am so boliao. I believe life is beautiful. I feel like a foreigner perpetually even though I was raised here. I feel a happy moment in art. I feel burdened. I know she does not know how much I love her, no one does. I think my family is the best. I am happy shark fish. I am a person with olfactory fetishes. I bruised my muse. I am blue. I won’t tell my insides. I do handstands for you. I think time and water is the pursuit of the source of all beings. I think it’s life, it;’s love, it’s a nice arm of thoughts. I know this is without meaning. I am an artist. I am glad they make Singapore their home. I feel inspired. I like words and letters. I feel my body growing. I think visual. I feel utterly pretentious. I feel loquacious and delicious. I am hungry. I feel blurry sometimes. I feel sorry but in love. I am still nascent. I say aim for the sky. I personify me. I notice my tummy feels full of bubbles. I geek therefore I am. I think a lot. I sound like ghost bird one. I feel happy. I am faultless and you are in trouble. I feel. I sense my mind is a bubble, ever expanding until… I  Love making notes of amazing words on my kindle. I feel hot and sweaty. I am George. I think that I am a bird flying across the word. I know arguing with a Fool makes two. I don’t give up with what history tells me. I am pixel perfect. I fell over. I feel nothing, seriously nothing. I am not hungry. I am an apple. I would never pangseh you. I’m lonely. I feel blessed. I am cosmos. I think seriousness is overrated, chill! I feel positive and happy things will happen. I am a scientist. I ask you, Please be Human. I wonder why. I am damn shiok. I feel upside down. I have ivory wings. I ask do you think Singapore is ‘real’? I say try living here as a ‘commoner’. I am a dude from SG. I love you so much it hurts. I am hot in Singapore. I see life just got a little harder. I am so proud of you. I meet you very soon so you can put a face on my name. Aku tidak menyerah pada sejarah. I think Justin Bieber gay lah. I want to be happy. I get increasingly kancheong. I am a plate of noodle. I am so scared sometimes, of the future. I need to make better art. I am curious. I feel like the ‘questions’ girl. I am old enough to bleed, I am old enough to breed, I am old enough to crack a brick in your teeth while you sleep. I want life and possibilities. I think she got her dessert. I hope this is a dream worth living for. I feel thrilled and sexy. I say ‘styrke til det du vil’. I eat. I shop. I feel creative and wonderful. I think honey-glazed chicken tastes suspiciously like Teriyaki. I think it’s finally starting to sink in. I feel without meaning. I am God. I am a piece of paper. I am driven to also inspire others. I say fly. I am a 5 yr old I like to paint and draw. I hope. I meet you there directly. I want us all to fit. I think heaven is filled with animals. I am an analyst. I think in colour. I am never more than 5 steps from a piece of fried chicken. I wonder why you so bias?! I am grateful for love, passion, friendship, family and the universe. I believe rain, hope and destiny are the pillars of human existence. I wonder how long can x do this? I know X waits for all the sums to be figured out and answers to come, in their own accord. I am in limbo. I am in a rut. I live with thousands of people in a huge city and can end up not speaking to anyone for an entire day. I am sorry Mum. I am Subject. I know Auguste defecated on my Buddha. I think persimmons are confusing. I saw he spat inside my heart. I believe there is a guru in the fens. I have to help you. I see change all around. I spotted vandalism comes onto the lion’s head. I am a danger to ducks. I like non-existence more than existence. I think trees are far more beautiful than humans – unfortunately, I am human. I like space. I see constellations. I am a representative. I count my blessings. I have friends in the world. I never thought I would be here. I see incredible love and invcredible hate. I am so sweet. I think everything points to you. I smell your skin. I breakfast on prata. I see anger. I have bifocal eyes. I don’t give it back. I have a one track mind. I know it happens and it’s part of the process. I barter with so many folks.

Get involved and anonymously add your own words to the collection here or by commenting on this post.

Check out an article about the show in Artitute Magazine here.

See the whole word collection here, including words from some of the previous performances and sculptures in London and LA.

word collection, photo by Karen Mitchell
photo by Karen Mitchell

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