This month: A 12ft text river, furniture you can write on, and 8000 saga seeds…

Saga seeds in an artwork, 'Pass it on' by Nicola Anthony, (c) 2013

Saga seeds in an artwork, ‘Pass it on’ by Nicola Anthony, (c) 2013

At last, it is nearly time. Enter a crumbling old Chinese house in Singapore, let art and adventure guide you, and prepare for something unique.

Join us this weekend at 13 Wilkie Terrace, for the opening of an exhibition like no other. Artists are growing sculptures made of moss, projecting film onto walls layered with flaking paint, asking you to write on the furniture, and displacing objects owned by the original family into a new context – reborn as an artwork.

Lately you will have noticed a proliferation of these vivid red dots on my blog – the saga seeds. For my own part in DISPLACEMENTS, I have created a sculptural installation titled Pass It On, consisting of an evocative line of seeds and text with poetic and cultural significance, plus a playful edge.

The Artwork currently involves over 8000 hand-numbered saga seeds. Each visitor is invited to take one and pass it on.

The saga seeds were gathered from all over Singapore, where the Saga is a heritage tree that is becoming rarer. The sculpture references the evolution, shift and migration of many things: People, ideas, family, cultures, eras, and nature itself, to name a few.

Pass It On seeks to create a narrative from one space to the next, and beyond. There is a sense of connection and disconnection between each individual seed and it’s neighbour, the seeds and text, as well as the people who pick them up: Played out through the two acts of the artist covering the text with seeds, and the audience eroding the red surface to reveal text underneath.

RSVP to the OPENING PARTY on Facebook HERE

AND…… RSVP to the EXHIBITION on Facebook HERE

Find out more at, or check out the ‘behind the scenes’ – An 8000 piece artwork: What’s been going on in my studio.

Block printing onto 12ft mirror: Making 'Pass it On', by Nicola Anthony, 2013
Block printing onto 12ft mirror: Making ‘Pass it On’, by Nicola Anthony, 2013
Saga seeds in an artwork, 'Pass it on' by Nicola Anthony, (c) 2013
Saga seeds in an artwork, ‘Pass it on’ by Nicola Anthony, (c) 2013

Displacements is an exhibition which asks the whole community to get involved through adding their own memories and words, to which the artists will respond. There will be 5 rooms and 16 professional artists, including a community room which opens up for events throughout June. There is also a room reserved for works by visual arts students in the surrounding art schools, SOTA, LaSalle, and NAFA, to give young voices the opportunity to shape the present cultural identity of the area too.

2nd to 23rd June 2013 // 13 Wilkie Terrace // Singapore //

Official Media Partner:
Event Partner:

Artistry cafe and gallery will be programming a series of weekend evening events.

Artists: Yen Phang, Kanchana Gupta, Michelle Lim, Calvin Pang, Nicola Anthony, Mark Wong, Elizabeth Lim, Kenneth Lee, Matthew G. Johnson, Celine Lim, Daryl Goh, Daniela Beltrani, Boedi Widjaja, Karen & Alex Mitchell, Soren Niewelt, Jessica Larbig, Marcel Heijnen, Valence Sim, Li Cassidy-Peet



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    Hi Nicola, I do not see my name…

    Best Li  


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