Behind the Scenes: Saga Seed collecting Day 1

Throughout the process of creating my latest artwork, ‘Pass it On’, I have wandered all over Singapore, collecting 8900 saga seeds and keeping a seed collecting journal – this journey has become a big part of the artwork, so I am sharing it with you. Below is the story of day one. You can also hear ‘the artist’s story’ on Okto TV at 10pm next Wednesday.


On my first day of collecting the seeds, I armed myself with mosquito spray, and prayed that the thunderous clouds would be passing soon. I cycled up and down the length of East Coast Park, tracking down the famed Saga tree, talking with the uncles there who trim the trees and keep the park in order. I met a husband and wife park-keeper couple, and we used a mixture of broken Singlish and sign language to communicate the best locations. But, alas, the beautiful seeds evaded me, and every time I spotted what I thought was the right tree, I could not locate seeds or seed pods. However, that evening, I ventured to the top of the Marina Bay Financial Tower in the CBD, to a meeting with some of the artists I am working alongside in the Displacements exhibition. Pang, a fellow sculptor, had found 2 seeds at home, and kindly thought to bring them and contribute. And so it is that seeds 1 and 2 are in fact found via a friend, and not in a green space but at the top of a towering structure.


See all the stories or search for a specific seed number here:


Pass It On began with the idea of creating little points of knowledge and connection, which form a narrative from one place to the next, and beyond. Referencing the evolution, shift and migration of many things, the installation seeks to create a space in which to consider the positive and negative effects of the process of change, the fluid nature of culture, knowledge, memory and history. The resulting sculpture involves 8900 hand-numbered saga seeds – tiny red particles which the audience are invited to take and pass on.

Collect your own seed until 23rd June, at Displacements exhibition,

Tell me your saga seed story in the comment boxes below.


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