Behind the Scenes: 600 new seeds, plus a good knowledge of ants and monitor lizards (Day 3)

Sometimes an artwork takes you on a journey. In the case of ‘Pass it On’, the journey was not initially intended to be such a big part of the artwork. However, when such a wonderful experience and story starts to weave itself into the fabric of an artwork it can change the artwork itself, and become a big part of the finished piece as well as the process. Whilst collecting the 8900 saga seeds which make up this artwork, I had some unusual experiences and learned a lot of new things. Some days of collecting held simple stories, some were just a journal entry of a trip, and others wove more complex plots. I have been adding these to my blog, and below is the entry in my seed-journal for day 3 of the seed collecting mission, which I want to share with you:

saga seed painting, Photograph (c) Nicola Anthony 2013
Saga seed painting, Photograph (c) Nicola Anthony 2013


After a few days off, I resumed my mission to seek more seeds. This particular adventure did not spark off any unlikely conversations, but it did earn some confused looks from passers-by. During the day, I observed many insects and all sorts of ants, whose particular trees I steered clear of. I provided a nice feast for the local mosquitoes, but luckily was rewarded with a horde of 600 saga seeds, and a sighting of a large monitor lizard. I have never seen one before, so to see this one slip across my path and then wiggle in the direction of the canal, was a surprise for me. My first thought was: A baby dinosaur!

See all the stories or search for a specific seed number here:


Pass It On began with the idea of creating little points of knowledge and connection, which form a narrative from one place to the next, and beyond. Referencing the evolution, shift and migration of many things, the installation seeks to create a space in which to consider the positive and negative effects of the process of change, the fluid nature of culture, knowledge, memory and history. The resulting sculpture involves 8900 hand-numbered saga seeds – tiny red particles which the audience are invited to take and pass on. Read more about the artwork here.

Visitors to at Displacements exhibition are invited to pick up a seed from the artwork, and treasure it and it’s story:  DISPLACEMENTS, until 23rd June,

Tell me your own saga seed story in the comment boxes below.

Photograph (c) Nicola Anthony 2013
Photograph (c) Nicola Anthony 2013

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