TV coverage for ‘Pass It On’: Art Reborn / Arts on Okto / Weds 19th June

Nicola Anthony on Art Reborn. OKTO A-OK

If you have been following the story of my latest artwork Pass It On, you can tune in and see it this Wednesday (19th June 2013) on Singapore’s Okto channel, home of ‘A-OK’, Arts on Okto.

Art Reborn, 10pm, Weds 19th June, on Okto.

The Art Reborn film crew made a visit earlier this month to the Displacements exhibition, plunging into the creative depths of 13 Wilkie Terrace to find out how the artists have used, reused, and re-appropriated a house which has spent 77 years as a family home. The space has been transformed into an exhibition which layers and interweaves artwork with family heirlooms, traces of the past and the smudged fingerprints of the generations born within the house. The Art Reborn crew were particularly interested in found objects becoming artworks, and so the story of the 8900 found saga seeds that comprise Pass It On caught their attention. They also delved into the creative worlds of talented fellow artists Pang, Li Cassidy-PeetYen Phang, and Kenneth Lee who I have the pleasure of exhibiting alongside. Watch Art Reborn at 10pm this Wednesday to find out more about the exhibition and the artists’ creative processes.

About Art Reborn:

These days, increasing consumerism and higher standards of living has led to a rapid fire increase in waste generation in cities across Asia. As a result, many artists have also turned their focus to raising awareness of the environment – one artwork at a time.

Episode 6: Household Waste (10pm Wednesday 19th June 2013)

This time around, prepare to be wowed by household waste, as we get colourful with Choi Jeong Hwa’s wacky creations, fashion whimsical artworks from kitchenware and as a finale we get in touch with our local heritage at Singapore’s Displacements showcase.

Visit the Art Reborn listing page

Watch past episodes on Okto’s online Catch-Up website

Learn more about the artwork Pass It On.


Nicola Anthony with artwork Pass It On, photo (c) Jessica Lim
Nicola Anthony with artwork Pass It On, photo (c) Jessica Lim

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