Eating gold leaf, inhaling paint, creating new work…

Nestled away in my studio I have accidentally become covered in gold leaf, and have had to try very hard not to unwittingly inhale the ground minerals that I used in my latest works, but it was all worth it: The new artworks below have been born.

Seeds_of_Thought_by Nicola Anthony, 45 x 45 cm, Saga seeds, gold leaf and oyster shell mineral pigment Seeds_of_Thought_Part_1_Close_up

These recent works were inspired by mandalas, and use materials such as saga seeds, gold leaf, and powdered minerals to explore the ways in which we label, encode and decode our worlds. I am intrigued by the unseen structures, hidden messages, and labels that we create – the truth and fictions that we weave around us, leading to a web of order or a structure of chaos.



You can see or purchase these new works at Culture Square, Singapore




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