Connect: The web of time

I am pleased to announce that over the last year I was invited to participate in a group dialogue and project with The Fabelist. The final showcase exhibition for this will be in London on 21 November 2013, so please RSVP here to the A-side B-side Gallery, and check out the event for more info. The work I will be showcasing is called The Web Of Time. More insight into the artwork below.

The Fabelist, Nicola Anthony, Connect, the web of time
The web of time, (part one ‘Chanting time’, and part two ‘Web of time’), (c) Nicola Anthony, 2013

This artwork is part of my Mandala series, which uses materials such as saga seeds, gold leaf, and powdered minerals to explore the ways in which we label, encode and decode our worlds. I am intrigued by the unseen structures, hidden messages, and labels that we create – the truth and fictions that we weave around us, leading to a web of order or a structure of chaos.

The two pieces making up The web of time, (Chanting time and Web of time), are based on organic, circular shapes and fragments – such as those of seeds, neuron cells, nests and mineral clusters.

The work came out of a long dialogue with NYC-based artist Sandra Mack-Valencia, during which we both noticed that having the time to connect, and to make work about our dialogue, was nearly impossible due to the hectic lifestyle of our contemporary times. The work reflects the jumbled, organic nature of time. Is it a hectic, disorganised flow or a rhythm which can be regulated through chanting, meditating, or focusing?

My practice often uses text or language as a medium to delve deeper into my themes of unseen meanings and hidden structures. Here I have created a written chant of days, months, and time. My artwork materials and subjects can be diverse – yet the artworks are linked by a desire to illuminate and bring into focus the little things that comprise the whole.

chanting time, (c) Nicola Anthony, 2013
chanting time, (c) Nicola Anthony, 2013

About the exhibition:
In a digitalised commercial age of instantaneous connections and consumer satisfaction, it is becoming increasingly difficult to say ‘I’ as a prefix to ‘Want’. In doing so we have become detached from our own identities and those around us.

In ‘Connect’ eighteen emerging and established artists, writers and musicians explore how artistic creation can re-connect us to our lived experience of the world.

Between the 21st and the 25th November 2013 the gallery space at A-side B-side will resonate with interweaving visual and auditory dialogues of installation, painting, music, spoken word and sculpture which, invite the viewer to engage with the sensuality of creative expression.

Central to the exhibition will be exclusive new work created during a six month writers and artists exchange project with the tART collective in New York and a specially commissioned piece of choral music for 30 voices by young composer Eunseog Lee.

Exhibition dates
21st-25th November 2013
(12-6pm every day, or by appointment)

Private View
21st November 6pm-9pm

A-Side B-Side Gallery
Hackney Downs Studios
5-9 Amhurst Terrace
London E8 2BT


Visual Art: Abi Box, Amy Abbott, Ash Fitzgerald, Carlos Burgos, EC, Eunseog Lee, Hormazd Narielwalla, Jemma Grundon, Nicola Anthony, Pernilla Iggstrom, Polly Bagnall, Rachelle Allen-Sherwood, Raj Kaur, Silvia Krupinska, Zoe Catherine Kendall

Words: Francesca Goodwin, Jonathan McAloon, Sarah Perry
Music: Eunseog Lee
Creative Director: Francesca Goodwin


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