Invited Artist: Main Entrance sculpture at AAF

It’s been great fun creating a sculpture for the entrance at AAF this November in Singapore. It will be a very large artwork for me and I am honoured to have been selected. AAF talk a little more about my work and the other artists who have been invited to install their own work around the art fair below, or read it on the AAF website here.

AAF: Installation to inspire

This year we are going dotty over sculpture! So, why not take a good look at our mind boggling installations programme and be drawn into a physical visual experience.

Especially created for the Affordable Art Fair 2013, Nicola Anthony’s inspiring main entrance sculpture is based on the traditional Native American ‘Dream Catcher’. Interested in infusing elements of everyday life in SE Asia with her birth country of England, Consciousness Catcher encompasses a range of cross cultural references to colours and meanings, which are inheritably linked to religion and traditional crafts from these countries.

Nicola Anthony, Consciousness Catcher (detail), (c) 2013
Nicola Anthony, Consciousness Catcher (detail), (c) 2013

Enticing visitors into the Fair Paddocks, Incarnation by P. Gnana showcases how mundane everyday objects can be truly altered into awe-inspiring expressions of urban relevance. Nothing less than monumental in scale and scope, P. Gnana’s endows his works with an individualistic aesthetic impact. By combining the manipulation of found media with his favourite metaphor, the cow; he creates a poignant and versatile visual symbol that has granted him an admirable amount of acclaim.

Scattered amongst the Fair, Stefanie Hauger’s humorous installations are designed to make you smile, think and comment. Stefanie’s work comments on the interplay of social media in our modern world, and where time is so scarce that we end up ‘playing’ with words, phrases and expressions by shortening them or inventing new ones to get to the point faster. It is within this pretext which Stefanie presents her new exciting art series ‘Microphrase Me!’.  Iconic, simple, but yet sheer in scale her acronyms possesses a dramatic presence.

Inspiring visitors as they leave the fair will be 5 Coloured Men. This work by collaborative artistic partnership Marc Lewis and Michael Lazar, will in no doubt offer one last thought provoking experience. Creating unique figures by hammering bronze, aluminium and steel, the violent process of the artworks creation provides a powerful expression of sculpture. Producing a negative of the exterior, the artwork’s shell creates a violent but prevailing space for thought!  As the works are not cast, each piece is a unique and a one-of-a-kind work of art.



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