Review – The Fabelist: mixed arts in London and New York

Thanks Vanessa Champion for the following review of the FABELIST show I am currently part of…

The Dragonfly

So it’s raining and cold, and I’m dodging cars and vans careering around Dalston, the greyness and dark evening winter night is wrapping a bleak wet shroud across my path. It was a massive relief to arrive at the white space at the ASideBSide Gallery in Hackney Downs and to be greeted by the warm enthusiasm of artist Silvia Krupinska who had agreed to guide me around.

Connect” is a Fabelist Group show which takes its theme from E.M Forster’s ‘Only Connect’ which challenges notions of self perception and identity. Eighteen emerging and established artists, writers and musicians explore how artistic creation re-connects us to our lived experience of the world. The range is interesting and an expressive investigation of relationships, either with their own previous body of work, the tArt movement in New York who they work with collaboratively on an ongoing basis or as a response to…

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