Edible Art Movement interview: Steven Low Thia Kwang

Over at the Edible Art Movement HQ I have been working with 4 other artists. I re-blog the EAM interview with Steven Low Thia Kwang below:


You may have spotted Steven Low Thia Kwang’s work as part of CIRQUE du SCENT last month. Steven’s SeedForFood is a series of ceramic works which hover between functional and conceptual, designed to store or release nourishment. Like seed pod forms, Steven considers how these vessels disperse nourishment as well as the sense of sound and rhythm of each vessel in use. We delve a little deeper in our chat with the artist below:

EAM: Tell us what you do! What is your practice about?

Steven:  I have been playing with clay for 23 years.

What I really strive for is to transform simple clay into forms of complexity bringing new and exciting visual experiences for all to enjoy, and be inspired from.

EAM: Could you give us some insight into your pieces in the exhibition?


Steven: The art works, titled SeedforFood, is specially designed for the collaboration with Edible Art Movement. Inspired from Seed, it is designed to contain tasting food amount, or “hamster food” some would say. Seed itself is a stored food, nourishes plants that produced them and we human loves consuming these seeds for energy too. Here, I work with the ideas of the vitality of seed, transforming them into sculptural dishes forms capable of storing minute amount of food

EAM: How did you find the Cirque du Scent experience?

Steven: Cirque du Scent at the affordable art fair provides a sensually interactive experience. All details from before and after the black curtains were well taken care off. At the end of the day, be it the baffling scents, combination of colours or lightings, the art works or the peculiar narration, there is definitely something worth for the audiences to capture back for memory keeping.

EAM: Tell us about a flavour or food scent that has inspired you in the past or has special meaning for you?

Steven: I have actually considered this question in the past before.

Durians, Mango, Jack Fruits, Bananas are generally my favourite fruits. Durian especially. However, these fruits types are somehow grouped by the colour Yellow instead of the common flavour or food scent they shared. If it has to be a flavour, I will consider curry to be it. The different kind of spices and ingredients involved and the long hours of boiling pot for the perfect gravy do proved itself to be a worthy main dish!

EAM: If you were any type of food what would it be?

Steven: Curry. I like the idea of it being made up by various kinds of spices and ingredients. I guess we humans are like that. We grow with each moments of joy, sadness, bitterness or sometime sour, experiencing life with emotion and sensitivity, living life to its fullest with all these spices. It is important to feel, to let loose your true feelings, and then would your works be understood by others as well.

EAM: Lastly – what’s next for you?

Steven: Next highlight would be a collaboration with a good friend of mine, Koon Beng, working on a series of site-specific sculptures, with clay as the major medium for the art works, and exploring with elements of lights, sounds, wind, plants etc., creating a sensually provoking garden of changing landscape inspired greatly from Mother Nature.



Watch this space for the next featured artist!

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