SKY Culture Vultures feature Nicola Anthony

Last year I was asked to send my glass sculptures and drawing artworks to SKY’s Culture Vultures to be discussed on OH TV’s art show, by art reviewer Silvia Krupinska. This is a short clip of the show.


Culture Vultures are passionate about identifying exciting, original work and sharing their hot picks with their viewers. This panel discussion and review show is presented by radio personality Rosemary Laryea. Each week, Rosemary is joined by theatre and book critics plus art reviewer Silvia Krupinska alongside a special guest, who will pick apart and review new films, music, books, art, and other trends emerging from the world of Arts and Culture.

The panel guests each week will include critics, authors, designers, filmmakers and writers, each with their own eclectic styles and tastes, this is sure to be a dynamic show.

I would like to say a big thank you to Rosemary Lareya and Silvia Krupinska, who have kindly featured and supported my work on Culture Vultures. In the past, Silvia has also introduced my art to her audience during a ‘Colourful Radio’ broadcast (listen here).

what do you think....?

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