Alchemy, seeds, words: New Saga Seed Series

COPYRIGHT nicola anthony, Saga seed artwork, "A life of their own"Pictured here is another artwork commission from a new series of works – If you would like one then here’s how we can create it together:

I make these pieces by asking you for three words, then I use these to create a poetic construction of ‘found words’ cut from books and correlating saga seeds (symbolising love and connection) in glass alchemic tubes.

Get in touch if you would like to commission one, or click here to learn more about the commissioning process.

Here is a little peak into the thought process behind selecting the words for this piece:


sketchbook notes, 'A life of their own' by Nicola Anthony
 sketchbook notes, ‘A life of their own’ by Nicola Anthony

This new series of seed & text artworks follows on from my previous Saga Seed Series, where I collected and hand numbered 9000 seeds from all over Singapore.



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