Contemporary Artist Talk | Nicola Anthony: How to be an artist

Detail of one ping pong out of 10,000 completed by Nicola's art community

“Sculpture, SEA Games, Studio – a glimpse behind the scenes”

Nicola will be presenting a talk at The Arts House this weekend about how to be an artist. The talk will follow a collaborative sculpture and live installation she will be creating on site all day with the young artists exhibiting in SAVANTS, by Little Artists Studio.

Talk 2-3pm, The Arts House, at Singapore’s Old Parliament House, FREE
Facebook RSVP: Click here

Exhibition & collaboration 11.30 – 5pm


SAVANTS is a 4-part Pop-Up Exhibition Series featuring nearly four hundred of the finest talents from Little Artists Art Studio. In this second part of the SAVANTS Series only original works born from these burgeoning contemporary artists are displayed. Inspired by everything from nature to society, fantasy to reality, and contemporary styles to classical styles, this is a unique opportunity for students from 4 to 74 years old to share with the public the labyrinthine creativity within their own minds. Choosing a grand platform – The Arts House at Old Parliament – Little Artists Art Studio is juxtaposing established colonial grandeur against the emerging artists representing modern Singapore’s multinational arts community. SAVANTS is a transformative experience, where young and mature artists work together to move your spirit.

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