Ouroboros: Talking, Writing, Stringing, Welding

Hello, this is Debbie, one of Nicola’s studio elves for the Ouroboros project! It has been a while since the last update on what we’ve been up to for this project so far, so here is a list of things we did since March:

1. Artist talk and workshops: Creating materials for sculpture

To create the raw materials for Ouroboros, Nicola collaborated with her community partner IQkidz to give artist talks and ping-pong writing workshops at various schools around Singapore, including Yu Neng Primary School, Chij St. Nicolas Girls School, Greenridge Primary School, and Wee Care.

Ouroboros: Talk and workshop at Yu Neng Primary School Ouroboros: Talk and workshop at Yu Neng Primary SchoolOuroboros: Workshop with WeeCare

2. Creating a catalogue of aspirations

We came across aspirations ranging from the cute to the quirky:

Ouroboros: 'I hate vegetables' ping pong Ouroboros: Illustrated ping pong

The practical and down-to-earth:

Ouroboros: 'I want to be rich!' ping pong Ouroboros: 'I am excited. I feel happy. I will be a doctor.' ping pong

Lots of sporty and patriotic messages:

Ouroboros: SEA Games and sports ping pongs Ouroboros: Singapore-themed ping pongs

As well as inspiring ones:

Ouroboros: 'I will help create a world without discrimination, starting with my own perception' ping pong

3. Joining the pingpongs together

With the help of studio elves and friends from our growing art community, Nicola is in the process of stringing the aspiration pingpongs together. Here is the team from IQKidz, our community partner, getting hands on with the artwork:

Ouroboros: ping pong workshop with IQkidz

4. A visit to the Singapore Table Tennis Association

We paid a visit to the Singapore Table Tennis Association, where we got to know the National Team players and the Youth Development Squad members, as well as their hopes and aspirations.

Ouroboros: Singapore Table Tennis Team- National Team players writing on ping pongs Ouroboros: Singapore Table Tennis Team- Youth Development Squad

5. Creating the skeleton of Ouroboros

We scouted out some factories and are in the process of cobbling together the metal structure for Ouroboros!

Ouroboros: metal structure being constructed

About Ouroboros:

Ouroboros is an interactive light sculpture commissioned for the 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games Torch UP! Programme. With the collaborative effort of 5000 students from local schools, more than 10,000 table tennis balls with aspirations written on them are collected and shall be used to create the final sculpture, to be displayed at Marina Bay Events Plaza.

what do you think....?

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