WANTED: Your Secrets to be made into an Art Installation

Constellation, 2015. (Detail) Installation view at EXPARTE, London partner exhibition, Singapore Inside Out

SINGAPORE, 7 Sep 2015 – Carrying the weight of a secret all by yourself can be burdensome, but artist Nicola Anthony is inviting the public to share their secrets for a new art installation and as a means of cathartic release.

Entitled Secret Ingredient, the artwork will be a collection of private thoughts shared anonymously by the public and woven into a site-specific installation of light and language. These sentences, handwritten by the artist, will take shape based on the paths mapped during her walks around the Telok Ayer neighbourhood.

As part of the secret-gathering process, “confession slips” will be available at SPRMRKT for the public to pen their most private thoughts and to drop into a “confession box” found at SPRMRKT from 1 September to 6 October. Alternatively you can submit online via facebook or anonymously at nicolaanthony.co.uk/confessions

Without eyes looking back at you, a confession may stop short of true catharsis. Guests who wish to share their secrets face-to-face with the artist can do so at SPRMRKT on Sunday, 11 October (time to be advised).

Secret Ingredient will also unearth geographical secrets of the Telok Ayer area, which will be presented as a series of drawings inspired by fractals, infinitely recurring patterns that are replete in nature.

Nicola’s light sculpture Ouroboros, made using 10,000 ping pong balls, was commissioned for the 28th Southeast Asian Games held in Singapore in June. On exhibiting Secret Ingredient at SPRMRKT, she said, “Our coffee shops and cafes have become the spaces where we congregate, go about our daily rituals and meet our clan. It‟s where we go to be alone with ourselves, but also where intimate conversations take place.”

The exhibition is curated by independent curator and performance artist Daniela Beltrani. A private reception will be held on 14 October before the exhibition opens to the public from 15 October till 30 November. Further additions to the work will be done live at SPRMRKT on 17 October, 15 November and 27 November.

Constellation by Nicola Anthony, which also uses the artist‟s handwriting technique, will be part of the exhibition at SPRMRKT.

For more information on daily menus, products and events, please visit http://www.sprmrkt.com.sg. For media enquiries, please contact glenn@20twentypr.com.

About Nicola Anthony

Nicola Anthony is a British artist, working internationally. Nicola’s artwork begins with an extraordinary idea, a large number of small parts, and the collection of words.

Around the world she has exhibited at the Serpentine Gallery Project Space (London), the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (USA), Shinjuku Creators Fiesta (Tokyo), & featured in shows around Southeast Asia, Europe & USA. Her artwork has received sponsorship from Tate Britain, & been exhibited in Tate Modern’s “No Soul for Sale”. She was born in London, studied at University of the Arts London (CSM) and Loughborough University.

In recent showcases, Nicola has exhibited in EX PARTE for Singapore: Inside Out London, at London’s Royal College of Art, Singapore’s Victoria Theatre, the National Library Building, Nanyang Technological University, The Substation Gallery, Ikkan Art International and The Arts House.

Nicola has collected and hand numbered 9000 saga seeds and their stories, sculpted together 10,000 inscribed ping pong balls, gathered the written aspirations of over 5000 children, and woven a 6 metre dream-catcher web using a kilometre of string across the entrance of an international art fair. She has dissected 31 dollar bills, deconstructed and re-written epic novels, built a life sized post box using 4723 words cut from letters, constructed a room using 50,000 sugar cubes, and re-imagined the calendar into a 3D, shimmering, glass Rubik’s cube of 365 pieces. Nicola explores the wonder of individuals and their stories – those beautiful and complex details that make up the whole of society.

About Daniela Beltrani

Daniela Beltrani (b. 1968, Rome, Italy) is a professional independent curator and performance artist based in Singapore. She holds a Master of Arts in Contemporary Asian Art Histories from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore.
Since 2010 Daniela has curated solo and group exhibitions and written articles for art publications and catalogues with a focus on contemporary art in Southeast Asia and performance art. She has presented over 60 performances, solo and in collaboration, in the Philippines, Singapore, Italy, Myanmar, Cambodia, Turkey, Indonesia, Finland and China. Daniela tries to stay focused on her intent to promote an experience of art that on one side is non-elitist and yet probing and on the other can offer opportunities for alternative and more visceral readings and reflections. Benefitting from a strong humanistic background, ultimately her efforts tend to encourage the audience of her exhibition and performances into a more holistic experience of art as a means to cultivate their own individual aesthetic sense and to recover their humanity beyond the flimsy parameters of a decadent and commodity-driven society.



SPRMRKT is about redefining your local supermarket experience and repurposing that space for your daily needs. It’s about feeding yourself with not just food but with ideas that take people or things to inspire.


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