At The Launch of “Secret Ingredient” feat. Nicola Anthony



The opening reception for British artist and writer Nicola Anthony’s latest solo exhibition was held on 14 October. Guests were greeted by a wave of words penned in turquoises and blues as they stepped through our glass doors.

12074933_1048778268474606_749571313651983259_n Installation of text art handwritten by Nicola during her many trips down

12074535_10153141431736190_4964033299014827392_n These words were actually the secrets and confessions gathered from the public through the confession slips we left at the shop, face-to-face confession sessions with Nicola or from submissions online.

12109905_1048778351807931_6804693463777088579_o Wide angled shot of the embroidery hoops from the Atlas series hanging from strings and hooks (Image credits: 20Twenty)

12108806_1048778371807929_8741689931313046609_n Detail of The Only Constant Is Change: Four layer burned drawing on rice paper and brown paper (Image credits: 20Twenty)

10514435_1050361724982927_7155814760619805382_o Professional independent curator and performance artist Daniela Beltrani (R) was chiefly responsible for the beautiful arrangement of art pieces on the walls

12087651_1050362238316209_4358636714598616028_o Nicola Anthony (L) speaks with a…

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