Scents of Singapore: a new exhibition


Potpourri  – a collection of artworks, which encapsulate the scents of Singapore 

11 July 2017 at 7 pm //  until 10 September // Intersections Gallery, Singapore

The word Potpourri refers to a scented mixture of spices and dried flowers that is usually kept in  a decorative bowl or jar and used to perfume a room.

Potpourri also applies to a collection of seemingly unrelated items, to an unusual assortment.

Scents of Singapore brings together artworks  by a selection of artists using different mediums and metaphors to talk about Singapore history and identity.

This exhibition encompasses artworks by nine artists, Nicola Anthony, Eddie Botha, Kavita Issar Batra, Julayla Jallil, Helene Le Chatelier, Madame, Pang, Marc Nair, Tania Nasr.

Artist books, Mixed media,  installations, ceramics, sculptures have in common to encapsulate the scents of Singapore.

Although individually disconnected , altogether these artworks  create a mosaic which reflects the diversity of Singapore.

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Kampong Glam Memories by Marc Nair and Nicola Anthony 

​Referring to history and strata of memories, drawings hide themselves in layered artworks such as  “From Days Gone By” and “Syed Alwi Road” whilst in others, for example “After Oud”, die-cut letters are displayed in flasks like extraordinary objects in a cabinet of curiosities.
Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.46.32 AM
To Mecca  and Pilgrimage are poems that remind us that Kampong glam was once the pilgrim hub for Southeast Asia.
Standing in Haji Lane today, it’s impossible to remember when ships docked by Jalan Sultan. Where have the prophets gone? Those who preached on the street, and were thrown coins for their words of faith and fate.​
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