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The Hotlotz Auction is just around the corner! The event will feature limited edition prints of four selected artworks by Nicola Anthony. There will also be prints from Kusama, Picasso, Marc Chagal and local Singaporean artists. Read on below for a little insight into the creative process behind Nicola’s prints…


FOR PRINT - fallen domes, print size 60x39.jpg

Fallen Domes, 2016, Digital Fine Art Print on glossy baryta paper (Hahnemuhle archival paper), 70 x 49 cm. 
Available in 5 limited editions.

This photographic print has captured an ephemeral paper sculpture created by the artist as part of her Intersection body of work. Fallen Domes (2016), the sculpture of the same name, was created by shaping calligraphy paper and ink into dome forms which were then burnt using lit incense sticks.

This fine art print of the piece enables the viewer to see the details, overlapping layers, voids, and burnt edges of these eight stacked up paper domes.


The Fallen Domes works are the artist’s response to the religious spaces and hearts of community which she has journeyed to all over the world, seeing in some places the crumbling of religion and society, the lacking sense of grounding, and a transience of home and heart.

“Perhaps community is fast transitioning into something new and exciting, or perhaps our towering domes and spires are being lost as historic buildings are left to decay and crumble, or even being forgotten as people are finding their sense of self and home in more and more digital and virtual spaces.” – Nicola 


Burmese paddy field, Nicola Anthony, print size 22x20.5cm.jpg

Burmese Paddy Field, 2017, Digital Fine Art Print on German etching paper (Hahnemuhle archival paper), 32 x 30 cm. Available in 5 limited editions.

This drawing was created during the artist’s travels through Myanmar, depicting a traditional rice paddy field. The drawing style is one which Nicola Anthony uses frequently in her work, using nodes, dots and connector lines to create a drawing which could be a map or a constellation chart, imbuing that which it portrays with a celestial layer. The style also reflects the artist’s desire to break everything into its smaller parts: to delve beneath the surface and see the beauty in the small moments, the fragments, the specs of dust and molecules that make up our world.

Every edge of a field is a whole day’s work, or a whole lifetime of footsteps back and forth for one of the Burmese people who tends it. From another perspective it provides a whole year of sustenance – a whole year of life. I try not to not forget the importance of that one little line.” – Nicola 

Nicola Anthony has been invited to showcase this collection of works in Yangon, Myanmar in 2018 by the Myanmar Art Resource Center and Archive.

The unravelling of a domed roof, 2017, Nicola Anthony_print size 65cmx44cm.jpg
The Unravelling of a Domed Roof, 2017, Digital Fine Art Print on German etching paper (Hahnemuhle archival paper), 74 x 54 cm. Available in 5 limited editions.

This drawing was made in response to the crumbling decay of heritage buildings in Myanmar. The artist began to explore the chinks, leaks and erosions.  Buildings and spaces are sometimes forcibly cut into or severed; sometimes organically splintering under pressure; at other times worn through by wear, love, use or misuse. This body of artwork explores place memory, social memory, and the fragments which can tell us so much about unspoken history.

“In Kyauktada, Yangon, history’s seam is not neatly sewn. Inside these gaps, older men sit by coffee shops as they have done for years, looking at scenes of wireless life but remembering another era, while holy places continue with their patient call to prayer; the work of devotion carries on, unbroken. Much of the past is coded, unknowable. We interpret the world through our own experience, but it is ultimately a fractal, connecting infinite complexities together.” – Nicola

The Unravelling of a Domed Roof also features in a limited edition book by Nicola Anthony and Marc Nair, entitled Intersection, published by Knuckles and Notch in 2017.

Vain Memory (Museum of London), 2016, Nicola Anthony, print size 60x40cm.jpg

Vain Memory (Museum of London), 2016, Digital Fine Art Print on German etching paper (Hahnemuhle archival paper), 69.5 x 49.5 cm. Available in 15 limited editions.

This limited edition print was created in response to the artist’s time researching ‘The Square Mile’ of London. It represents history, the flow of time, the macros scale of lives and journeys that pass through a city as well as the micro scale of traces and marks which we can find on the surfaces of buildings, paving slabs and facades.

“In cities such as London, the exterior of old buildings within the City Walls conceal indecipherable codes of faceless corporations. Arcane symbols are forgotten as suited masses pour along the streets in their criss-crossing journeys. But here and there human elements break the façade and reveal facets of the past, like fragments of the ancient roman wall which looms through the ground in London, waiting to be found.” – Nicola 

Auction details:

Hot Editions Preview
Tuesday 13 February 2018, 6:30 – 9:30pm
The HotLotz Showroom, #01-15 Cendex Centre, 120 Lower Delta Road, Singapore 169208. Directions to venue
Join Nicola at the Hot Editions Preview on Tuesday 13th February, view and bid for artworks in person! Kindly RSVP with HotLotz at or at +65 6254 7616.

Online Timed Auction is also available from 9th – 27th February onwards– a wonderful opportunity for collectors to bid for artworks in the comfort of their preferred time and location. Local Singapore and overseas international delivery options are available. 
Register and bid online here
More information on bidding online at HotLotz


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