'The Post Box's Tale' by Nicola Anthony, Mixed mediaArtist / collector of beautiful words and things / sculptor of ideas

www.nicolaanthony.com  (see  artist resume here)

“Nicola Anthony is a London based artist and art writer seeking to create things which make the mind crackle. She sees the world as a series of interconnected subject matters, fragile moments & ‘stuff’ from which new things can be made.  She has received exhibition sponsorship from Tate Britain, exhibited at Tate Modern, and her work was recently auctioned by Christies auctioneers. This year her sculpture and drawing was exhibited in the Serpentine Gallery project space as well as in her first museum show in LA.

She uses glass, paper, & tactile matter in her drawings & sculptures. Meanwhile, text, stories & voices are used as both materials & subjects. With a fascination in narratives & secrets, her work is inspired by mapping, collecting, biological structures  & literary sources, as well as the understanding and structure of language.

Her work can be found internationally at exhibitions, art fairs and literary festivals. Her artwork voyaged across to LA last autumn, returned in 2012 for her first USA Museum show in Orange County, and will be part of a group show in central LA this summer.

She guest blogs for galleries and art magazines – her artwork & perspective can also be found in her writing for Trebuchet Magazine, Zeitgeist, and in a recent interview with SKY Arts who came to her London studio to check out her artwork.”

About Nicola Anthony’s Artwork:

Using text, stories and voices as sculptural materials, and sentences as lines with which to draw, Nicola Anthony has a fascination in moments, secrets and stories. Her artwork is inspired by language, memory, mapping, collecting, biological references & literary sources. Her sculptural works & drawings possess delicate, rich and sometimes chaotic forms, built up & constructed through layers of detail & assemblage.

Nicola’s self proclaimed obsession is with the way we read meaning into texts and artworks, the ‘semantics’ of images & symbols: “The way in which viewers join the dots can alter the work in their eyes. This means my art can be playful and changing – I enjoy the viewer’s interpretations becoming part of the art, and the art becoming personal to them.” This links closely to her fascination with the connection between the materials, the senses and the experience of artworks.

Recently featured in a SKYArts interview with the artist, the words & stories which form the basis of the work are collected through her ongoing ‘Word Collection Project’: Gathering stories & secrets during exhibitions, events, through the artist’s website and word of mouth. Contributions have been beautiful, moving, dark, funny, intriguing, rude, touching, & varied. The collection exists both as an evolving text artwork and a whispered sound work.

Anthony uses these words to inspire & create her new works: “I use sentences to structure the work, I start applying them as marks & drawing with them as lines. One of my favourite things about seeing people view my work is when they come up really close to read the words, & start stretching, crouching & shuffling along as they follow the sentences – the only type of line which insists people look at every component of it from left to right.”

See  artist resume here

Keep in Touch:

Nicola Anthony is also the editor of the TasteTheatre blog which works with 12 producing theatres across London, and enables young critics to see and review theatre.

post box close up, Nicola Anthony


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