Published Articles

Nicola Anthony is an artist and art writer.  She guest blogs for galleries and writes for art and culture publications – below are links to  recent published articles:

Guardian Culture Professionals – Panel Discussion with Nicola Anthony (Guardian)

guardian debate_10 feb 2012_State of the Arts 2012

Ernesto Neto: Spaces of Transformation, Edges of the World (Trebuchet Magazine)

Artists: What Are We Worth? – a critical Dialogue (JOTTA)

London In The OC: London Calling (Zeitgeist)

The science of art & the art of science (Trebuchet Magazine)

Polymath: The science of art & the art of science (FAD – Fast Art News)

Yayoi Kusama: An Explosion of Stickers  (Trebuchet Magazine)

Transition Gallery’s ‘First Thursdays’ – Interview with Cathy Lomax (Trebuchet Magazine)

Seduced by art: From art virgin to art collector  (Trebuchet Magazine)

Photo Essay – Judith Scott at Museum of Everything (Trebuchet Magazine)

Art, Money and Shredded Credit Cards at Frieze 2011 (Trebuchet Magazine)

From Shiny Things to Silliness – Frieze Overview (Trebuchet Magazine)

Creative Journey: How to Curate Abroad (Trebuchet Magazine)

Bending Frames: The Sculpture of Henry Moore at Hatfield (Trebuchet Magazine)

Looking East And West – Interview With Samir Ceric (Zeitgeist)

Gunfire in the studio: Shooting film, photons & 12-bores (Trebuchet)

‘Dear Curator’: Exhibition Do’s and Don’ts with Sara Raza (Trebuchet) 

Nicola Anthony is also the Editor of the TasteTheatre blog which works with 12 producing theatres across London, and enables young critics to see and review theatre.


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