Call to Prayer, Nicola Anthony, 2016, light, paper, bird cage, sound, gold leaf and mixed media

Artwork Focus: Call to Prayer | INTERSECTION

A glimpse into Intersection: A writeup about Call to Prayer, a work in the exhibition. Written by Shireen Marican.

Ouroboros, Light sculpture by Nicola Anthony, 2015 (c)

Light Sculpture of 10,000 ping pong balls bounces into Marina Bay for 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games

MEDIA RELEASE: Over 10,000 ping pong balls, 5000 people, and 5000 aspirations come together to create the sculpture Ouroboros for the … More

Public Sculpture: 10,000 Table Tennis balls, Nicola Anthony, & Us

It’s been a little while since there was an update from my studio. But you may have guessed we’ve all … More